Dr Birsel Uçkun

Dr. I. Birsel Uçkun

Dr. Birsel Uçkun was born in Gaziantep in 1962. 1979-1982 Hacettepe, 1982-1985 she completed her education at Çukurova University Faculty of Medicine. After completing her compulsory service at Samsun Gynecology and Pediatric Hospital between 1985-87, she started to work as a private practice doctor in Çanakkale in 1987. She received Acupuncture training in Acupuncture Training Center in Beijing University of China in 1998. She has trainings on complementary medicine in France, Russia and the USA. Bioresonance applications, which started with Acmos frequency treatments in 2005, have been continuing with Rayonex according to German technology Paul Schmidt since 2012.


  • Çukurova University Faculty of Medicine, Turkey, 1985
  • Acapuncture training at International Acupuncture Training Center, China, 1998
  • Auriculotherapy Certification Institute and Laser Acupuncture at Institut Francais de’Esthetque Medicale (IFEM), France, 1998
  • Mesotherapy training at Societe Francaise de Mesotherapie, 2000
  • Medical hypnosis training at Yeditepe University, Turkey, 2003
  • Bioresonance training at Paris International Academy of Bioenergetics in ACMOS, France, 2007
  • Bioresonance training at Moscow International V.M Bekhterev Society of Energy, Russia, 2007

Congress Attended

  • ICCAAAM Las Vegas International Acupuncture Congress, USA, 1999
  • Lyon-France International Acupuncture Congress, France, 2000
  • Istanbul International Acupuncture Congress, Turkey, 2002 and 2004
  • Antalya International Acupuncture Congress, Turkey, 2006
  • Ankara Complementary Medicine Symposium, Turkey, 2009
Dr. Birsel Uçkun Bioresonance Clinic
Dr. Birsel Uçkun Bioresonance Clinic

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